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ChikurinEchigono Oyado WAKATAKE

Dining & Banquets

Dine and celebrate with someone close to you...
At Echigono Oyado Wakatake, which resonates with the essence of hospitality

Dine while spending time with your loved ones in a space filled with style and a sense of calm. Relax with delicious meals prepared with great effort and excellent sake unique to Echigo, the famous rice producing region of Japan.

  • 団体プラン

    Group Plans

    From sightseeing plans to business plans

    Despite the quiet location, Wakatake has plenty of banquet halls and conference rooms. This makes it user friendly, and it can be used for not only sightseeing, but conferences, training, exhibitions, group travel activities such as go, shogi and calligraphy, various training camps, golf award ceremonies, and more. The midsize banquet hall is perfectly outfitted for practice and presentations, and the large banquet hall for social gatherings and after parties. You'll have plenty to do during your stay here. The extended stay plan is also appealing for seniors.

  • お祝い・ご法要プラン

    Celebration / Buddhist Ceremony Plan

    Spend valuable time with your family

    We serve you heartfelt cuisine with the utmost hospitality for your important milestones. Be certain to use us for fun gatherings to greet your guests with warmth, whether for family gatherings, senior celebrations, wedding receptions, or child celebrations. Memorial gatherings and Buddhist ceremonies are important moments to pay respect to your anscestors. As a memorial venue, we will prepare a banquet to remember the deceased alongside their loved ones. Please contact us in regards to any gifts, sweets, or performances. Our banquet hall also allows for selection of Japanese-style or Western-style halls.


  • 同級会プラン

    Alumni Event Plan

    Enjoy a relaxing alumni event with old friends

    With good accessibility to Wakatake from all over the prefecture, we are a popular location for alumni event. Use the space as a reunion location with your old classmates and teachers. Alumni events are a center for conversation, so you can leisurely use the banquet hall. Additionally, accounting and payment systems for drinking plans and commemorative photo plans are easy. Even the person planning the trip will have a wonderful time. Feel free to consult with us about invitation letters and to make various arrangements.


  • 親孝行プラン

    Parental Gratitude Plan

    Providing a special plan for your parents

    Embark on a journey alongside your parents, who nurtured you for so long. Wakatake provides a special plan of Parental Gratitude. Enjoy special cuisine in a large room. Have a heartwarming time.