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Wakatake's Recommended Souvenirs

Yutagami Hot Spring's famous "Dankuro Manju"
Wakatake-made "Onsen Manju (Hot Spring Buns)"

This is our homemade bun. The three varieties of manju, "Brown Sugar, Miso, and Bamboo Charcoal," are popular for their sticky skin and moderate sweetness. Certainly consider these for a souvenir.

  • Dankuro Manju

    Yutagami Hot Spring's famous "Dankuro Manju"

Recommended Wakatake Souvenirs

Popular NO1 of our hotel "Chikurin Sable"

Plum cider after bathing
※ Using "koshi-no-ume" from Tagami.
It is recommended after bathing with a refreshing drinking mouth!

Special product "takenoko-jiru"
※ I put plenty of local ingredients of "Tagami Town".
Perfect taste!

  • 『当館人気NO1』ちくりんサブレ


  • 湯上り梅サイダー