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Try a foot massage? ~Reflexology~

20 minutes: 2000 yen Basic massage from the sole to the calves / Improve blood circulation to feel lighter.
30 minutes: 2500 yen From the soles to the calves and thighs. Particularly recommended for those with tired legs and knee pain.
40 minutes: 3500 yen Let your body unwind after your foot massage. Choose from a massage focusing on either the shoulders or waist.
60 minutes: 5000 yen A luxurious course with plenty of time going from the foot, to the back, waist, shoulder, and neck.

■Hours of Operation
4:00 PM - 11:00 PM (Last check-in: 10:30 PM) Closed irregularly. Sat./Sun. from noon (reservation required)

First Floor Large Bath Entrance We may be closed irregularly, so please inquire for reservations.