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Enjoy the tastes and pleasurable views of the season's beauty.
Decadent feasts filled with traditional styles.

Wakatake's cuisine provides banquet foods with Echigo seasonal specialties as well as Japanese medicinal herbal dishes that are gentle on the body. Select according to your tastes.

  • Princess Kaguya Set Menu

    The dazzling Princess Kaguya, a famous eternal story…
    Elegant, delicious, beautiful. The 3 course luxurious Princess Kaguya meal, which includes a "Crescent Moon, Full Moon, and Harvest Moon Course" is packed with an assortment of abundant and colorful wild vegetables and seafood from the Sea of Japan. We prepare seasonal ingredients with the utmost passion. The menu changes monthly to fit the season.

    Princess Kaguya Set Menu

  • Japanese Medicinal Herbal Cooking

    Medicinal herbal cooking was developed in China due to the desire to have a long life. In traditional Chinese medicine, foods are expressed through the Yin-Yang and the Five Elements, which specifies food characteristics through the five tastes: acidity, bitterness, sweetness, spiciness and saltiness, and the five temperatures: hot, warm, normal, cool and cold. Applying these medicinal herbal ingredients to Japanese cuisine, Japanese medicinal herbal cooking strives for "deliciousness" and "healthiness."

    Japanese Medicinal Herbal Cooking

  • Bamboo Shoot Cuisine

    Tagami is known as a production region for bamboo shoots. Be sure to try the bamboo shoot dishes, which use lots of Tagami bamboo shoots dug up that very morning. Raw bamboo shoots are a satisfying thing to taste in the spring, when they are the most fresh. (Season: From mid April to mid May)

    Bamboo Shoot Cuisine

  • Breakfast Buffet

    Enjoy our handmade food made from the heart, and specialized in local ingredients. For example, in the spring we have the stew and Tagami produced bamboo shoots harvested that morning. In the summer, we have mizunasu eggplant from the local Kobayashi family, which has a typical mother's flavor. In the fall we have a new harvest of koshi-hikari rice produced by the neighboring countryside farms. And in the winter homemade takuan pickles and stewed vegetables... One can enjoy about 30 types of dishes making for a splendid buffet!

    Breakfast Buffet

Echigo's Famous Rice

Our rice is celebrated for its deliciousness by patrons from outside the prefecture.

We use Niigata produced koshi-hikari rice at our establishment. Depending on the season and factors such as the rice harvesting date, we provide Hanging Rice made with care by the farmers shown in the photographs.


What is Hanging Rice?

Hanging rice is harvested and then hung upside down, where it is slowly air dried over many days. By doing so, the nutrients contained in the stalks reach each grain, producing a rice that is even more delicious. Moreover, growing this rice is increasingly rare, since it requires lots of manpower and time.

Now accepting orders.
Contact Wakatake or the farmers directly.

[Producer] Eisaku Horie Phone: 090-2160-3019
1151-5 Ogibori, Sanjo-shi, Niigata Prefecture
[Hanging Rice & Koshi-hikari, our farmers' specialty]
4,000 yen/5kg (tax separate) / 7,000 yen/10kg (tax separate)

Food Events

Wakatake presents highly rated food events for each season.

Holding events using the fruits of Niigata's seas, the blessings of the mountains, and seasonal flavors

  • 3月 Herbal Cookingを楽しむ会


    Medicinal Herbal Cooking Event

    Medicinal herbal dishes are rich in nourishment, healthy, and gentle on the body. We are waiting to serve you many fun attractions.

  • May

    Bamboo Shoots and Wild Vegetable Tasting Event

    Popular Annual Events
    We've prepared fun attractions for each day. Enjoy…!

  • 12月 年末謝恩企画


    Full-Bodied Taste: Niigata's Winter
    Sumptuous Eating Sado's Seasonal Yellowtail & A Taste of Winter

    We have big plans to show our gratitude for your patronage this year.
    Presenting a fun bingo tournament to win luxurious items!