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ChikurinEchigono Oyado WAKATAKE

Spouse/Couple Day Trip

Spending Time at Wakatake (example)

  • 14:00

    Stroll to Yutagami

    Directly behind Yutagami Hot Spring is Mt. Gomado-yama. Park your car and take a look around. (Spring) Walk together along the mountain path. It's getting warm, so take a look at the wild flowers and mountain plants!! (Summer) Going up Mt. Gomado-yama in June you'll find a festival of hygrandeas. Head towards the summit of the mountain, surrounded by the greenery. Enjoy the 30,000 blossoming fresh hygrandeas spreading from the roadside to the summit!! After the rainy season, it might start getting a little hot. Check in earlier!!

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    festival of hygrandeasbamboo shoots
  • 15:00


    Welcome to Echigono Oyado Wakatake.
    You have a separated room for today. A long-awaited couple's trip needs a little luxury!! This is a homemade Dankuro Manju sweet at Wakatake served with the tea. How about getting one as a souvenir?

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  • 16:00


    Enter the natural hot springs and warm your body and soul. Yutagami Hot Spring is a "Drinkable Hot Springs," which is incredibly rare. Give it a try!!

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    Large Bath飲める温泉
  • 17:00

    Stroll to the adjacent Toryu-ji temple

    (Spring/Summer/Fall) There's still some time before dinner. Take a stroll to Toryu-ji temple, adjacent to Wakatake.

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  • 18:00


    Enjoy a meal in your room, relaxingly passing the time together. Savor Niigata's sake along with the chef's special seasonal cuisine!!

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    Herbal Cooking地酒
  • 20:00

    Satiate your appetite. Then go relax in the bath again. Sleep well…

  • Day Two

  • 6:00

    Waking Up

    Take a morning bath by waking up a little earlier. Enjoy this Japanese luxury!!

    Outdoor Bath
  • 7:00


    A buffet of traditional Japanese and Western food. Popular homemade countrystyle foods.

    Breakfast BuffetBreakfast Buffet
  • 9:30


    Purchase one of the "Dankuro Manju" sweets you had in your room

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    Dankuro ManjuDankuro Manju
  • 10:00


    Take care!! Thank you. On the way home, take a visit to Chinjyuso house in Tagami-cho. Get a sense of old Tagami.

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