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ChikurinEchigono Oyado WAKATAKE

Female Group Trip

Spending Time at Wakatake (example)

  • 15:00


    Welcome to Echigono Oyado Wakatake. Upon completing check-in, we will guide you to your room. You reserved a Kikkotei room for your stay here. There's an amazing view from this room!!

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  • 16:00


    Yutagami Hot Spring has what's called "medicinal water," which is highly effective for smooth skin.

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    Large Bath脱衣所
  • 17:00

    Sometimes you have to treat yourself.

    Experience reflexology (foot massage) after the bath. Your body will feel great after a 40 minute full body course!!

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  • 18:00

    Enjoy your meal

    Today is a group gathering of your close female friends. The medicinal herbal meal for dinner is fantastic. We recommend it for women, as it's healthy and easy to eat.

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    Herbal CookingHerbal Cooking
  • 20:00

    Snuggling into your futon. It seems you'll have a long slumber...

  • Day Two

  • 8:00


    Wake up leisurely and head to breakfast. Our buffet has a wide variety of Japanese and Western dishes.

    Breakfast BuffetBreakfast Buffet
  • For those who want to relax even longer, we have an additional option, the ""Leisurely Course"". You'll have plenty of time, so take a walk to Mt. Gomado-yama.
    (Please make a reservation for additional options)

    ロビーギャラリーfestival of hygrandeas
  • 14:00


    Buy a souvenir at the shop before departing

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