3/9 Reservation started! We are accepting reservations for "Usatoku! Niigata Prefectural Discount Campaign".


Warmth of the source Kaguya no Yu healing of our inn and cooking of Calm Wakatake lush Oyado surrounded by Mori.Please enjoy the atmosphere of a relaxing trip with the beautiful scenery of the four seasons.

The 43rd Gomadoyama Yutagami Onsen""Ajisai (hydrangea) Festival』\

  • From June 18th to July 18th, 4th year of Reiwa""The 43rd Ajisai (hydrangea) Festival』\

    Approximately 30,000 colorful hydrangeas such as red, blue, purple, and white bloom in the "Hydrangea Garden" that spreads out on the summit of Mt Gomado in Tagami Town.Hydrangea Garden that appears by hiking about 40 minutes on foot from the parking lot at the trailhead.On a clear day, you can see the Echigo Plain, Sado, and even Awashima.
    Wakatake, bathing and set lunch plan are also very popular! Please drop in.
    Click "Choice of Lunch plan" below for details!

Yutagami Onsen accommodation discount! Sales start from April 15 "Usage Toku! Niigata Prefectural Discount" can be used together

  • Prefectural discount extension! W discount with prefectural discount is possible until July 14th stay! Save 9000 yen in real terms

    Yutagami Onsen accommodation discount → From 4/15 to 7/20 accommodation
    ●2000 yen discount for stays of 10,000 yen or more per person (adults only) will end as soon as it runs out.
    *We will deduct the discount at the time of payment.
    ●Discount target plan【Yutagami Onsen accommodation discount target plan】
     Only this plan is eligible for discount.
     Please note that reservations made with other plan are not eligible.
    ●We accept only on our website or by phone.
    ●Not applicable for day trips
    ●Discount is for adults only
    ●Can be used in combination with prefectural discount / GOTO resumption((Please be sure to check the details of the prefectural discount)
    ●Yutagami Onsen discounts can be used from anywhere in Japan.

    *If you have any questions, please contact us by phone.

Extended until July 14th stay! ""Use! Niigata Prefectural Discount Campaign』\

  • All plan for "Useful! Niigata Prefectural Discount"!

    The condition of use is that the patient has been vaccinated against Corona or the test result is negative.
    You will need to show your identity verification documents (identification) and one of the following (1) and (2) when using the service.
    ① Documents showing vaccination history
    Those who live outside Niigata prefecture have been vaccinated 3 times or have a negative test result
    Those who live in Niigata prefecture 14 days or more have passed since the second vaccination or the test result is negative
    ② Inspection result notification
     ・"PCR tests, etc." are within 4 days including the sample collection date.
     ・"Antigen qualitative test" is within 2 days including the sample collection date
    *Click the image for details!

Lowest Price Guarantee Best Rate Guarantee

  • Book your accommodation from the Official

    Only for those who make reservations from the homepage for all plan""5 Special Advantages Included』\

    1. An accommodation voucher will be given to one pair every month!
    2. Serve gelato after dinner!
    3. Free rental of yukata for women only!
    4. Shop discount ticket 10% off for 1,000 yen or more
    5. Late check-out((Usually 10:00 → 11:00)

Measures to prevent the spread of Novel Coronavirus

  • Information and request for the Novel Coronavirus

    ・Please measure the temperature and disinfect your fingers upon arrival.
    ・Please wear a mask when moving within the facility.
    ・Please disinfect diligently with the disinfectant solution installed in the common space.
    ・We will not allow staff to enter or leave as much as possible.Futons are laid out in advance in the venue food room.
    ・The second party and snacks are closed for the time being.

    We apologize for any inconvenience, and thank you for your cooperation.

Information on cancellation of breakfast buffet

Wakatake year-round plan

  • Kaguyahime plan

    Wakatake a leaflet for the year-round plan
    There are plan from day trips to overnight stays.
    For reference of reservation .....

Wakatake Feast Courier Service


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1370 Otsu, Tagami, Tagami Town, Minamikambara County, Niigata Prefecture

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30 minutes by car from Tsubamesanjo Station Shinkansen3 minutes from Tagami Station Shinetsu Line
Sanjo Tsubame IC, turn left on National Route 403 Niitsu

There is a pick-up service((conditions)
Free transfer from Tagami Station on the Shin- Shinetsu Main Line((Reservation required)
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If you call, we will accept it until 22:00.


FAX : 0256-57-4760