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Within this facility / facility

The peace of scent in the silence ... Take a relaxing and moisturizing trip from "Wakatake".

Wakatake is an inn in Echigo surrounded by abundant green forest.
All the staff will serve the customers who come for relaxation with all their heart.
There is a bamboo grove on the premises as well as the garden.Bamboo BGM that is comfortable when the wind blows!
Please enjoy the atmosphere of a relaxing trip along with the beautiful scenery of the four seasons.
We are waiting for you with various tastes.
  • Lobby

    Spacious lobby.
    In the lobby gallery, you can also find rare furniture such as tea pots.
  • Tea corner

    We are boiling water in an iron kettle.
    You can enjoy several kinds of tea freely.((Barley tea only in summer)


  • Yukata to choose from

    Exclusive benefits for those who make reservations from the website!
    Yukata that women can choose.Please choose a cute yukata.
  • ★★★children's rental★★★

    ・Free use of table tennis and quoits
    ・Children's set is included for children other than bed-sharing
    *The following are limited in number.
    ・Selectable Yukata((About 80 to 150 cm)
    ・Baby duvet((Cushion)
    ・combi Rack
    ・Recycle bin for diapers
    ・Baby soap and toys in the public bath
    If you have any other concerns or requests, please feel free to ask.

  • In-hotel shop"Travel Story"

    【Wakatake WEEK souvenirs】
    Yutagami Onsen Specialty"Dankuro Manju"/ /Wakatake humbly made"Onsen manju"
    It is a homemade bun of this facility.
    The three types of manju, "brown sugar, miso, and bamboo charcoal," are popular for their moderate sweetness and chewy skin.
    Please use it as a souvenir.

    Opening Hours

    7:00 to 21:00
  • Banquet Hall

    Large banquet hall

    Kissho Ichi, II, San:291 square meters((Accommodates 180 people)

    Banquet Hall

    Leaf Ichi, II:182 square meters((Accommodates 100 people)
    Horai:102 square meters((Accommodates 50 people)
  • Second party restaurant"Yumekomachi"

    Opening Hours

    From 21:00 to 0:00


    Closed due to Corona((Resumption undecided)
  • club"hydrangea"

    There is also karaoke!
    Enjoy adult time with the snack "Hydrangea".

    *Reservation required only in August and September.

    Opening Hours

    From 20:00 to 0:00


    Closed due to Corona((Resumption undecided)
  • Table tennis corner

    Please enjoy it when you like.
    *There is no reservation and there is no time limit, but please share and play.


  • vending machine

    Soft drinks only.
  • Reflexology

    【Fare】From 2,000 yen


    1st floor:Since between the opposite foliage Yumekomachi (is not regular holiday, please contact us at the time of booking.)

    Opening Hours

    16:00 to 23:00((Final call 22:30)
    Available from noon on Saturdays and Sundays((However, reservation required)
    Irregular holidays
  • Dog custody

    Please refrain from bringing dogs into the facility at this facility, but please use a gauge on the side (indoor) of the entrance.
    There is only one, so please make a reservation in advance.
  • Wi-Fi information

    Wi-Fi communication is available throughout the building.((Excluding public bath)
    1. This Wi-Fi communication is available free of charge during your stay.
    2. The SSID (Network ID) is "hotel wakatake".
    3. The separator of each access point is enabled so that your computer information will not be leaked to others, but it is recommended to remove the file sharing setting before using it just in case.
    4. By using this Wi-Fi communication, this facility will not be held responsible for any accidents such as troubles, breakdowns, information leaks, etc. in your personal computer and peripheral devices.Please use at your own risk.

Hotel Facility Information

Number of rooms

28 rooms in total:27 Japanese-style rooms/ /Japanese + Western room 1 room

Standard room facilities

Some guest rooms bath / toilet/ /Shower toilet in all rooms/ /All rooms are air-conditioned/ /TV set/ /Satellite broadcasting/ /refrigerator/ /an electronic pot/ /Hair dryer


Face towel/ /bath towel/ /yukata/ /Toothpaste set/ /Shower cap/ /Shaving/ /Comb/ /shampoo/ /rinse/ /Body soap

Outline of facility

Table tennis/ /hearth/ /Bars((For a charge)/ /banquet hall/ /Karaoke facility((For a charge)

Service & Leisure((Including arrangements)

Room service/ /Massage((For a charge)/ /Golf((For a charge)/ /Shogi((For a charge)/ /Game of go((For a charge)/ /Mahjong((For a charge)/ /gym((For a charge)/ /tennis((For a charge)

Locally available credit card

JCB / Visa / Master/ /UC etc.

Standard check-in time


Standard check-out time



Wheelchair slope in front of the entrance / Wheelchair rental / Handrails on passages and stairs in this facility / Handrails in large communal baths / Wheelchair movement in this facility without assistance / Elevator use when moving floors / Emergency broadcast in this facility Facilities / Priority space installation in parking lot / Wheelchair-accessible shared toilet

Hot spring tax

Hot spring tax 150 yen for adults will be charged separately.

Cancellation provisions

Three days before:30% of room rate
Two days before:30% of room rate
One day before:50% of room rate
On the day of arrival:70% of room rate
Cancellation without any contact:100% of room rate
Negotiable in case of emergency such as bad weather((Please contact us as soon as possible)
*If there is a cancellation policy set for each accommodation plan