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Enjoy the delicacies of the four seasons with your eyes and enjoy them with your tongue.A lively feast where you can get drunk with traditional techniques.

Wakatake's dishes are mainly kaiseki cuisine that sticks to the passion season in Echigo
We also offer Japanese medicinal foods that are kind to your body.
  • Seasonal kaiseki cuisine""Kaguya Hime Gozen』\

    Shining Kaguyahime, thinking about the story of eternity-elegant, beautiful and gorgeous.
    Richly presented with seafood from the Sea of Japan and abundant wild plants. ""Kaguya Hime Gozen』\
  • Very popular with women! ""Beautiful skin medicinal food set』\

    Medicinal food was brought up in China with the desire to live longer.
    In Chinese medicine, according to the Ying-Yang Five Elements theory, acid, bitterness, sweetness, spicy, salted fish "Gomi" and heat, warm, flat, cool, and cold are "Goki" to express the characteristics of food.
    Japanese medicinal food is made by applying the ingredients of this medicinal food to Japanese cuisine and pursuing "deliciousness-oriented" and "health-oriented".
  • A little extravagant! ""Selectable gorgeous food grade UP set』\

    Chief chef carefully selected materials★Enjoy luxurious recommended kaiseki cuisine!
    Luxury kaiseki cuisine with a basic kaiseki meal!
    You can choose individually, so it is recommended that you share it.
  • Limited Time Only! Spring taste "Bamboo shoots Tsukushi Gozen" April 20th to mid-May

    The hometown of Tagami Town is known as the production center of bamboo shoots.
    Please enjoy the bamboo shoot dishes made with plenty of bamboo shoots from Asahori from From Tagami
    It is full of spring flavors, including bamboo shoot sashimi, which you can enjoy because it is fresh.((Period:Mid-April to mid-May)
  • ""Children's set』\""Children's lunch』\

    ◎ Children((6-12 years old):Children's set((Adult-like cooking)
    ◎ Children((3-5 years old):Children's lunch

    *Age is just a guide.
  • Extremely Popular! ""Buffet Breakfast』\★currently on hiatus★

    Enjoy more than 30 kinds of abundant buffets, passion for local ingredients, and hearty homemade dishes.

    【Hours Available】From 7:00 to 8:30

Food event

Wakatake holds food events every season and is well received.
We will hold an event where you can enjoy the seafood of Niigata, the blessings of the mountains, and the taste of the seasons!
  • 【March】Medicinal Food Enjoying Party

    A medicinal food that is gentle on the body, healthy and rich in nourishment.
    We are waiting for you with fun attractions.
  • 【May】Bamboo Shoots and Wild Plants Tasting Party

    An annual event that has been well received
    We will prepare fun attractions on the day.looking forward to…!
  • 【December】Year-end thank-you plan

    We are planning a large service with gratitude to our customers for their patronage over the past year.
    Winter in Niigata, full of deliciousness Sado's cold yellowtail & winter taste
    We will also hold Bingo Contest where you can win luxurious products!