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Sightseeing around

A tour of Echigo Road you can experience nature, history and culture.

History and tradition scent, Yutagami
The Shinran Shonin related Ryogenji Temple, there is one "Tsunagigaya" of Seven Mysteries of Echigo
In addition, Gono-no-yakata Chinju-so Gono-no-yakata of built 1918, away from the parlor to be in the hands of Kakuhei Matsui was said to be one of Japan's three people who as at that time Miyadaiku.
It is a beautiful temple-style building that uses abundant famous trees such as Japanese cypress and Yoshino Cedar, and is in perfect harmony with the garden of the Kyoto-style dry garden.
Mt Gomado Hydrangea Garden where the gentle colors of pink and light purple shine in green.
Every July, 30,000 hydrangeas bloom in full bloom and attract visitors.
The view is wonderful and it is ideal as course
  • Sightseeing spots in the central area of the prefecture

    • Kamo River carp streamer

      Every year from mid-April to early May, an annual event where about 500 carp streamers are displayed over the Kamo River.
      The sight of colorful carp streamers swimming under the blue sky is spectacular, and it is crowded with many spectators during the event.
      Many of the carp streamers that are displayed are donated, such as those that children have grown up and no longer use.
      Kamoyama Park, which is a 5-minute walk from the Kamo River, is a colony of trees and camellias in Niigata Prefecture. In April, about 50,000 camellia flowers are in full bloom throughout the mountain.
    • Kamoyama

      It is a 15.35 hectare city park adjacent to the city center, a 5-minute walk from Kamo Station.
      As the name suggests, it is a park that spreads out over Mt. Kamo, creating a space where you cannot hear the crowds of the city next door.
      During the daytime on weekdays, it is a quiet place where you can hear the sound of the fountain of Kamiike, the chirping of birds echoing in the cedar grove, and the sound of the gravel you step on.Why don't you enjoy the outdoor sculptures in the park and take a walk?
    • Honai Park

      It is a park maintained by taking advantage of the natural terrain in the Honai district, one of the prefecture's leading planting areas.In the park, there are a "green counseling center", a "tropical botanical garden greenhouse" full of tropical mood, a "resting place" that can be used as a tea room, an eastern store and a rock garden, and the view of the Echigo Plain from the mountaintop viewing platform is wonderful. You can enjoy interacting with the greenery throughout the four seasons.
      ・institution:Green counseling office,Tropical Botanical Garden (Admission fee:free),Parking lot (80 cars) 6 eastern buildings, 3 toilets, viewing platform,Rest area (tea room), etc.
    • Sanjo Local Industry Center

      Sanjo City and Tsubame City are located in the center of Niigata Prefecture, and their main products are "Metal Town", "Metal Western Tableware" and "Metal Houseware", which are mainly metal products related to work tools and blades. As a town, we are proud of its excellence by exporting it not only domestically but also to the world.In addition, it is hoped that the technologies cultivated in these products will be further refined and used as a metal processing base by combining with other technologies to continue to enhance the industrial structure and revitalize the regional economy.

      The Local Industry Promotion Center is a region where local industries aiming for new developments that respond to the times aim for advanced exchanges of people, technology, and information, and have core functions that trigger the development of new products and technologies. It is a multipurpose facility with various functions to revitalize culture, and is a base for industry and tourism.
    • Yahiko Shrine

      Yahiko Shrine is Mt Yahiko at the foot of the mountain with Mt. Yahiko as the god.I don't know when it was founded.It is an old shrine that can be seen in the Manyoshu, and has received great reverence as Echigo Kuniichinomiya.It is said that Amenokaguyamanomiko, the god of rituals, was the ancestor of the pioneering of Echigo and was also credited with the eastern expedition of Emperor Jimmu.It is said that Amenokaguyamanomiko taught the residents of Echigo about industries such as fishing and rice cultivation.There is a ropeway on Mt. Mt Yahiko, which is a god, and it is possible to reach the summit without climbing.

      Yahiko Shrine is highly revered by the samurai family, and the treasure hall displays the Shida Odachi and the armor of famous military commanders as company treasures, which is a must-see.The main shrine is a well-known Sangensha style, and has a calm and tasteful atmosphere.

    • Mt Yahiko

      The Mt Yahiko Ropeway that connects the foot of the mountain station to the summit station in about 5 minutes.You can enjoy an aerial walk while overlooking the Echigo Plain.If the weather is nice, you can see Sado in the distance.
      At the foot of the mountain, there is Yahiko Shrine called "Oyahiko-sama" and a hot spring town, where you can enjoy cherry blossoms in the spring and autumn leaves in the fall, which is crowded with many people.
      You can walk along the "Manyo no Michi" that continues from the precincts of Yahiko Shrine to reach Mt Yahiko Ropeway Sanroku Station.Taking a walk in the forest is a good way to change your mood.There is also a free shuttle bus from the shrine to the foot of the mountain station, which is also convenient.
      It is about a 15-minute walk from the mountaintop station at the 9th station of Mt. Yahiko to the Mt Yahiko Yahiko Shrine Mikami Mausoleum.Feel the sacred air at the summit of Mt. Mt Yahiko at an altitude of 634m.

      At Mt Yahiko Park near the mountaintop station, there is an observation restaurant and a 100m-high rotating elevating observation tower "Panorama Tower", which overlooks the Echigo Plain, the Sea of Japan and Sado.
    • Teramari((Next to the fish candy)

      A lively and lively fish market.We are proud of our wide selection of fresh seafood, including local fish, and the goodness of life.
      Teradomari, Nagaoka City, located in the center of Niigata Prefecture, is lined with seafood markets known as "Fish and Shellfish" along National Route 402 facing the Sea of Japan.
      There are 11 stores such as fresh fish stores and souvenir stores, and it is a treasure trove of fresh and cheap fish including frozen and processed products as well as fresh products fried at the local Teradomari port and Izumozaki port.
      Enjoy the famous beach grilled squid, scallops, and seasonal fish while being blown by the beach breeze.You can also enjoy your meal in the dining room on the 2nd floor.
  • Other tourist destinations