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[Kamo Hospital Comprehensive Medical Examination] Guide

We are connected with the prefecture's Kamo Hospital for a Comprehensive Medical Examination.
It's quick, proper, and painless.


Medical check-ups are important for those desiring a healthy daily life. The [Kamo Hospital Comprehensive Medical Examination] is set up for early check up and prevention of typical ailments (high blood pressure, hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, etc.). In addition, there are obesity-related diseases and other habitual diseases that are together referred to as "metabolic syndrome," which are noted as a cause of myocardial infarction and stroke. Consider having your yearly medical check up amongst the abundant green nature of the little Kyoto of Hokuetsu to refresh your body and soul. Visits among friends and couples are popular as well.

Kamo Hospital Comprehensive Medical Examination Features

Quick The examination and the result report for the day are completed around noon. A final report will be given in about three weeks.
Proper We provide proper support in a special, quiet consultation room and have a relaxing waiting room.
Painless Our tests are painless, and include miniscule gastroscopic exams -- the first in the prefecture to be taken from the nose -- and mammary gland ultrasound scans.
Hot Spring and Medicinal Herbal Banquet Foods Have a relaxing and luxurious time at Wakatake Yutagami Hot Spring


We accept visits to Kamo Hospital (Health Promotion Center) every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday which start at 8:30 AM, and conclude at noon. Uterine cancer examinations are on Wednesday and Friday only.

For lunch, choose from (1) a healthy boxed lunch at the hospital (free), (2) bath and meal at Wakatake Yutagami Hot Spring (box lunch 3000 yen, medicinal herbal course 5000 yen), or (3) no lunch.


Hospital Day Trip / Price 44,400 yen

Wakatake Yutagami Hot Spring Day Trip Kamo Hospital Comprehensive Medical Examination Charge + 5,600 yen Rest at Wakatake, medicinal herbal cuisine + bath
Wakatake Yutagami Hot Spring Stay Kamo Hospital Comprehensive Medical Examination Charge + 10,500 yen Two meals and one night at Wakatake, dinner is medicinal herbal cuisine

Your payment amount is calculated by subtracting the subsidy amount of the health insurance organization from the fixed price. If you choose optional items, additional charges will be applied.

(1) If you have Kamo National Health Insurance and only desire to pay for basic items
44,400 - 25,200 = 19,200 yen
(2) If you have Tagami-cho National Health Insurance and only desire to pay for basic items
44,400 -24,00 = 20,400 yen

Please visit the Niigata Prefecture Kamo Hospital website for details on examination items and price.

How to Apply

By advance reservation only TEL 0256-52-0701 Extension 304 Please contact the Health Promotion Center (Kamo Hospital Comprehensive Medical Examination)
After reservation we will send the necessary documents. Please contact us 10 days prior for cancellation.

Address and Directions

Click here for map

10 minutes by car from Wakatake Yutagami Hot Spring
1-9-1 Omi-cho Kamo-shi, Niigata Prefecture TEL 0256-52-0701

50 minutes by car from Niigata City
Accessible by both National Route No. 8 and National Route No. 403

3 minutes by taxi from Kamo Station on the Shinetsu Line, 15 minute walk