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ChikurinEchigono Oyado WAKATAKE

In-House Facilities

Relax in silence…
A steamy journey of relaxation from Wakatake.

Wakatake, an Echigo inn surrounded by lush green forest.
Coming here to seek out relaxation, patrons will be wonderfully served by our staff.
View the beautiful views of the four seasons while satisfying your senses on this relaxing journey.
We are ready to serve you with a variety of plans.

  • お庭
  • ロビーギャラリーLobby Gallery
  • ロビーギャラリーLobby Gallery
  • After Party Spot[Yume Komachi]

    After Party Spot[Yume Komachi]

    After Party Spot[Yume Komachi]
  • クラブ[あじさい]Club[Ajisai]

Building Guide

Capacity: 160 persons
Guest Rooms: 28
Large Banquet Area: Kissho I, II, III 160 tatami mats(180 persons Capacity)
Banquet/Conference Room:  Manyo I, II 100 tatami mats (100 person capacity)
Horai 56 tatami mats(50 persons Capacity)
Lobby: Lobby Gallery
Store: Tabi Monogatari
After Party Spot: Yume Komachi
Club: Ajisai
Coffee Lounge: Kinmokusei
Parking: 50 spaces for standard-sized cars, 3 spaces for buses
  • わか竹 外観
  • Store[Tabi Monogatari]Store[Tabi Monogatari]
  • Large Banquet Area[Kissho]Large Banquet Area[Kissho]
  • Large Banquet Area
  • Coffee Lounge[Kinmokusei]Coffee Lounge[Kinmokusei]