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ChikurinEchigono Oyado WAKATAKE

Group Trip

Spending Time at Wakatake (example)

  • 15:00


    Today is a 60 year alumni reunion. Meet your excited old friends and get lost in conversation.

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  • 16:00

    To the bath

    You have some time before the banquet, so head to the bath. The hot spring sure is great.

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    Large BathOutdoor Bath
  • 17:45

    Take a long-awaited group picture. Cheese!! (included in plan)

  • 18:00


    Even the coordinator can relax at the banquet, since it's all-you-can-drink.
    With three hours of banquet time, including karaoke, it's a real party.

  • 21:00

    Enjoy karaoke at the after party

    There's still lots to talk about, so everyone, go to the night club for the after party. (Please make a reservation for additional options.)

  • 23:30

    To Yumekomachi for a late night meal

    You're a little hungry. No doubt, ramen is the perfect late night meal.

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  • Day Two

  • 8:00


    Breakfast with everyone. It's buffet-style, so you'll be able to eat plenty

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    Breakfast BuffetBreakfast Buffet
  • 9:00


    Get the commemorative photos from the day before and say goodbye. Promise to come next time.